Strategic planning: The first step in franchising your business.

Each business needs its own unique franchise strategy. The franchise strategy begins with a franchise feasibility analysis and ends with a framework for guiding all emerging franchise departments. An objective franchise feasibility analysis will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the underlying business model. Assuming the business is franchise-able as determined by the franchise feasibility analysis, a successful franchise development program begins with a solid strategic franchise business plan.

Strategic Franchise Business Plans

We help clients develop strategic franchise business plans, make better decisions, and then act on them. While the legal documents required to become a franchisor are fairly straightforward, it is the business decisions included in those documents that require considerable analysis and thought. We can assist clients with solutions relating to the critical business decisions that become the foundation of the franchise program and that are incorporated into the legal, operations, and marketing documents and strategies.

Franchise Structure

To develop the best solutions to issues crucial to the success of the franchise including, but not limited to: franchise brand strategy, type of franchise(s) to offer, territory, and support, we complete competitive analysis, examine industry best practices, develop structural and staffing recommendations and subject all decisions to sophisticated financial analysis.

Franchise Revenue Sources

We also help clients determine their revenue options and recommend appropriate revenue sources that may contribute to their income and profits, such as initial franchise fees, royalties, advertising fees, and additional income sources. These are complex decisions as just a one percent error in the royalty structure can easily translate into millions of dollars of lost profits.

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