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Own Your Own Live-Work Franchise Condominiums

Discover Franchise Ownership with World Franchise

At World Franchise, our mission goes beyond offering franchise opportunities – we empower individuals to own their workspace, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Our innovative approach to real estate development, in collaboration with our offsite construction division, Prefabulous, allows us to provide unique and flexible workspace ownership options to franchisees worldwide.

Diverse Range of Workspace Choices

Our Prefabulous division has created a diverse range of unique condo designs suitable for various markets. These designs offer franchisees a substantial array of choices and flexibility in workspace ownership. Whether you’re exploring opportunities in healthcare, senior living, student housing, or any other industry, our workspace solutions are tailored to meet specific needs, preferences, and workspace planning goals in different areas.

Mixed-Use Developments for Vibrant Communities

Many of our mixed-use developments incorporate elements like residences, co-working spaces and franchise condominiums. Our elegant mid-rise buildings feature hotel and residential suites above ground-floor franchise establishments, creating vibrant, mixed-use communities. We believe in creating high-quality, affordable housing options for those who desire to live in dynamic, mixed-use communities, where they can also own their workspace.

Innovative Franchise Real Estate Development

Our innovative franchise real estate development model allows us to offer pre-construction prices on luxury condo developments, making upscale living more accessible. We strategically co-locate our buildings to eliminate long commute times, enhancing work-life balance. This approach provides more time with family and loved ones, increased productivity, and the ability to work longer hours without sacrificing life’s quality. Our focus is on providing the opportunity to own your franchise workspace and build a sustainable future.

Embarking on a Journey with World Franchise

World Franchise offers franchisees the opportunity to own and operate their franchise establishment in unique and dynamic mixed-use environments. Whatever type of franchise you’re exploring, our workspace solutions are designed to fit your specific needs and promote entrepreneurship.

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