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The Luxuria Boutique Hotel Condominium and Private Residence Collection: A Franchise Opportunity Within Our Mission

Luxuria Boutique Hotel Franchises: A World Franchise Mission Introduction

As part of our World Franchise mission, we’re excited to introduce the Luxuria Boutique Hotel Condominium and Private Residence Collection. This distinctive collection offers franchise opportunities specifically designed for the hotel industry. The Luxuria Boutique Hotel Condominium and Private Residence Collection complements our broader goal of workspace ownership and mixed-use developments. Franchisees interested in the hospitality sector can now own and operate hotel condominiums within these dynamic and vibrant communities, catering to travelers seeking extended-stay, boutique accommodations.

Distinctive Offerings of Luxuria Boutique Hotels

The Luxuria Boutique Hotel Condominium and Private Residence Collection brings you extraordinary, extended-stay, boutique condominium hotels and opulent luxury private residences across the globe. Each LEED-certified property boasts a unique design, with the convenience of ground-floor retail shops, food markets, restaurants, and cafes offering a range of amenities for our residents and guests. These architectural masterpieces house 50 luxury hotel condominiums, 50 lavish residential condominiums, and 100 high-quality franchise condominiums, with one and two-bedroom condominiums and duplex suites ranging from 700 sq ft to over 2,000 sq ft. With fully equipped gourmet kitchens, guests are empowered to savor culinary delights or dine in privacy.

Luxury Living in Luxuria Boutique Hotels

The separation of living areas from bedrooms ensures ample space for work, relaxation, and entertaining. In addition, adding a touch of convenience to the luxury, our hotels feature in-suite laundry facilities and a fully equipped home office. The upscale amenities, including bidets, fireplaces, designer art prints, and walk-in dressing areas with maple millwork, elevate every stay to a new level of comfort and indulgence. This provides the extravagant freedom guests need to relax, our hotel condominiums are double the sizes of other luxury hotel rooms. At the heart of our brands is exceptional service, a commitment to guest satisfaction, and a promise of unmatched value.

Global Opportunities and Exclusive Benefits

Explore the Luxuria Boutique Hotel Condominium and Private Residence Collection portfolio of 1,000 spectacular luxury boutique condominium hotels, resorts, lodges, and lavish private residences in more than 10,000 cities across 250 countries. Each exclusive franchise within our collection offers unique opportunities for hotel ownership in various locations, including individual hotel condominiums. Owners have the flexibility to maximize their investment by renting their condominiums on platforms like Airbnb, providing an unparalleled income-generating prospect for both local and EB-5 immigrant investors. Owners, residents, and guests of our hotels enjoy exclusive members-only perks and global rewards, not only at their chosen location but also at all the other hotels in our collection.

Automatic Slideshow: 1,000 Luxuria Boutique Hotel and Private Residence LEED Prototypes

Bold Hotels . Djibouti, Djibouti
Boardwalk Hotels . Havana, Cuba
Blue Ribbon Hotels . Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Bloomsbury Hotels . Nairobi, Kenya
Blackstone Hotels . Astana, Kazakhstan
Biscayne Hotels . Kingston, Jamaica
Bingham Hotels . Pristina, Kosovo
Birchwood Hotels . Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Biltmore Hotels . Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Best Hotels . Paramaribo, Suriname
Berkshire Hotels . Guatemala City, Guatemala
Beresford Hotels . Roseau, Dominica
Benvenuto Hotels . Dili, East Timor
Belvedere Arms . Saint George’s, Grenada
Belnord Hotels . Monrovia, Liberia
Belle Epoque Hotels . Kuwait City, Kuwait
BellaVilla Hotels . Georgetown, Guyana
Bellagio Hotel . Rome, Italy
Bella Vista Hotels . Kigali, Rwanda
Belcrest Hotels . Oslo, Norway
Belair Hotels . Muscat, Oman
Beekman Place Hotels . Reykjavik, Iceland
Bedford Hotels . Lima, Peru
Beechwood Hotels . Tunis, Tunisia
Beautyrest Hotels . Panama City, Panama
Beaulieu Hotels . Bucharest, Romania
Baywatch Hotels . Doha, Qatar
Bayview Hotels . Lisbon, Portugal
Bayfront Hotels . Warsaw, Poland
Baskerville Hotels . Berlin, Germany
Barrington Hotels . Ankara, Turkey
Baronessa Hotels . Gaborone, Botswana
Barclays Hotels . Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Balmoral Court Hotels . Quito, Ecuador
Balmoral Hotels . Kiev, Ukraine
Azure Bay Hotels . Amman, Jordan
Axminster Hotels . Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Avonhill Hotel . Ottawa, Canada
Avenue Hotels . Dakar, Senegal
Avondale Hotels . Sofia, Bulgaria
Avanti Hotels . Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Avant-Garde Hotels . Thimphu, Bhutan
Avalon Hotels . Porto Novo, Benin
Aurora Hotels . Belmopan, Belize
Augustus Hotel . Athens, Greece
Auburndale Hotels . London, England
Atura Hotel . Baghdad, Iraq
Atrium Hotels . Damascus, Syria
Atlantis Hotels . Belgrade, Serbia
Atlantic Hotels . Freetown, Sierra Leone
Atelier Hotels . Dublin, Ireland
Astra Hotels . Bern, Switzerland
Aspen Hotels . Santiago, Chile
Ashwood Hotels . Prague, Czech Republic
Ashford Hotel . Bogota, Colombia
Ashley House Hotels . Copenhagen, Denmark
Ascent Hotels . Chicago, United States
Artisan Hotels . Wellington, New Zealand
Arriva Hotel . Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aristocrat Hotel . Brussels, Belgium
Arista Hotels . Paris, France
Aria Hotels . Bridgetown, Barbados
Argosy Hotels . Manama, Bahrain
Arcadia Hotels . Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aquitania Hotels . Nassau, Bahamas
Aqua Hotels . Moscow, Russia
Apthorp Hotels . Yerevan, Armenia
Apsley Hotels . Los Angeles, United States
Apollo Hotel . Islamabad, Pakistan
Ansonia Hotels . Vienna, Austria
Anastasia Hotel . Madrid, Spain
Ambiance Hotel . Canberra, Australia
Ambassador Hotel . Manila, Philippines
Amazing Hotels . Taipei, Taiwan
Altitude Hotels . Cairo, Egypt
Alterra Hotels . Saint John’s, Antigua and Barbuda
Alpine Hotels . Luanda, Angola
Allure Hotels . Andorra la Vella, Andorra
Allegro Hotels . Mexico City, Mexico
Alibaba Hotels . Beijing, China
Algonquin Hotels . Brasilia, Brazil
Alexandra Hotels . Delhi, India
Alameda Hotels . Manila, Philippines
Adventura Hotels . Seoul, South Korea
Admiral Hotels . New York, United States
Ace Hotels . Jakarta, Indonesia
Acclaim Hotels . Tokyo, Japan
Zenith Hotels . Modesto, California
Zen Garden Hotels . Des Moines, Iowa
Yorkville Hotels . Porto Alegre, Brazil
Yorkshire Hotels . Rochester, New York
Yorkshire Grove Hotels . Spokane, Washington
Yorkdale Hotels . Birmingham, Alabama
Yellowstone Hotels, Richmond, Virginia
Yardley Hotels . San Bernardino, California
Xclusive Hotels . Boise City, Idaho
Worthpoint Hotels . Fremont, California
World Famous Hotels . Scottsdale, Arizona
Worcester Hotels . Irving, Texas
Woodstock Hotels . Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Woodlands Hotel . Chesapeake, Virginia
Woodhaven Hotels . Reno, Nevada
Wonder Suites Hotel . Glendale, Arizona
Wintergarden Hotels . Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Windsor Park Hotels . Irvine, California
Windmill Hotel . Fortaleza, Brazil
Windermere Hotels . Lubbock, Texas
Winchester Hotels . Madison, Wisconsin
Wimpole Hotels . Durham, North Carolina
Wimbledon Hotels . Norfolk, Virginia
Wilshire Hotels . Laredo, Texas
Willowgreen Hotels . Chandler, Arizona
Willowdale Hotels . St. Petersburg, Florida
Willowbrook Hotels . Orlando, Florida
Willow Creek Hotels . Fort Wayne, Indiana
Whittier Hotels . Chula Vista, California
Whitehall Hotels . Jersey City, New Jersey
White Lion Hotels . Buffalo, New York
White Horse Hotels . Lincoln, Nebraska
White Glove Hotels . Henderson, Nevada
Whispering Willows Hotels . Plano, Texas
Whimsical Hotels . Newark, New Jersey
Westmoreland Hotels . Greensboro, North Carolina
Westminster Hotels . Toledo, Ohio
Wentworth Hotels . St. Paul, Minnesota
Wellspring Hotel . Cincinnati, Ohio
Wellington Hotels . Stockton, California
Wedgwood Hotels . Anchorage, Alaska
Waverly Hotel . Johannesburg, South Africa
Waverley Hotels . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Watermark Hotels . Corpus Christi, Texas
Waterplace Hotels . Lexington, Kentucky
Waterford Hotel . Riverside, California
Waterfall Hotels . St. Louis, Missouri
Water Tower Hotels . Santa Ana, California
Washington Harbor Hotels . Anaheim, California
Warwick Hotels . Aurora, Colorado
Wanderlust Retreats . Honolulu, Hawaii
Wadpole Hotels . Tampa, Florida
Vogue Hotels . Bakersfield, California
Vivid Hotels . New Orleans, Louisiana
Vivacité Hotels . Arlington, Texas
Viva Hotels . Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Visionaire Hotels . Wichita, Kansas
VIP Hotels . Cleveland, Ohio
Violet Hill Hotels . Tulsa, Oklahoma
Villaggio Hotels . Oakland, California
Vinewood Hotels . Minneapolis, Minnesota
Village Green Hotels . Miami, Florida
Villa Magna Hotels . Raleigh, North Carolina
Villa Fontana . Omaha, Nebraska
Villa Bonita Hotels . Colorado Springs, Colorado
Vienna Hotels . Atlanta, Georgia
Victoria Hotels . Virginia Beach, Virginia
Vibe Hotels . Mesa, Arizona
Verve Hotels . Kansas City, Missouri
Ventura Hotels . Long Beach, California
Venetian Hotels . Sacramento, California
Velvet Hotels . Fresno, California
Velocity Hotels . Tucson, Arizona
Varsity Grove Hotels . Albuquerque, New Mexico
Vanderbilt Hotels . Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Valentino Hotels . Las Vegas, Nevada
Utopia Hotels . Portland, Oregon
Urban Oasis Hotels . Louisville, Kentucky
Urban Hotels . Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Uptown Hotels . Baltimore, Maryland
Upscale Hotels . Nashville, Tennessee
Upper Crust Hotels . Boston, Massachusetts
Upper Class Hotels . Denver, Colorado
Upper Canada Hotels . Seattle, Washington
University Club Hotels . Memphis, Tennessee
Universal Hotels . El Paso,Texas
Unique Hotels . Detroit, Michigan
Union Station Hotels . Fort Worth, Texas
Union Square Hotels . Charlotte, North Carolina
Unicorn Hotels . Columbus, Ohio
UltraLux Hotels . San Francisco, California
Twin Towers Hotels . Jacksonville, Florida
Twin Peaks Hotels . Indianapolis, Indiana
Twilight Hotels . Austin, Texas
Tuxedo Park Hotels . San Jose, California
Tuscany Towers Hotels . Dallas, Texas
Tudor Tower Hotels . San Diego, California
Tudor Terrace Hotels . San Antonio, Texas
Tudor City Hotels . Phoenix, Arizona
Trusthouse Hotels . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tropique Hotels . Houston, Texas
Tropicana Hotels & Resorts . Dongying, China
Trophy Hotels . Tongliao, China
Trinity Hills Hotels . Changning, China
Trinity Gardens Hotels . Kaifeng, China
Trident Hotels . Gaoyou, China
Tribute Hotels . Meishan, China
Tribeca Hotels . Jiutai, China
TresChic Hotels . Suihua, China
Trendsetter Hotels . Guilin, China
Treasureland Hotels . Yinchuan, China
Transworld Hotels . Tianmen, China
Transcendent Hotels . Xiangxiang, China
Tranquil Hotels . Yibin, China
Trafalgar Hotels . Bengbu, China
Town Square Hotels . Yingde, China
Town & Country Hotels . Yichun, China
Tower Hotels . Yanshi, China
Toscano Hotels . Longhai, China
Topaz Boutique Hotel . Qinhuangdao, China
Top Hotels . Yuhang, China
Timeless Elegance Hotels . Wuchuan, China
Tiffany Hotels . Xuancheng, China
Tian Xin Hotels . Jiaonan, China
Three Crowns Hotels . Haikou, China
Thai Xuan Hotels . Zhaodong, China
Tempo Hotel . Zhuhai, China
Tang Dynasty Hotels . Suzhou, China
Tailor-Made Hotels . Zhuanghe, China
Szechuan Palace Hotels . Danzhou, China
Symphony Hotels . Yangchun, China
Sycamore Gardens Hotels . Gaomi, China
Swiss Alps Hotels . Ankang, China
Supreme Hotels . Baoshan, China
Superior Hotels . Jiangyou, China
Superb Hotels . Hezhou, China
Sunshine Hotels . Yuyao, China
Sunset Hotels . Xi’ning, China
Sunscape Hotels . Wujiang, China
Sunnybrook Hotels . Jiamusi, China
Sunrise Hotels . Songzi, China
Sunflower Hotels . Chenghai, China
Suncoast Hotels . Jiangyan, China
Sumptuous Hotels . Jinzhou, China
Summit Hotels . Huiyang, China
Summerfield Hotels . Luoding, China
Suite Dreams Hotels . Xiangfan, China
Style Hotels . Xingning, China
Strathmore Hotels . Daye, China
Stratford Hotels . Danyang, China
Story House Hotels . Honghu, China
Stoneleigh Manor Hotels . Dehui, China
Sterling Resorts Hotels . Hengyang, China
Stellar Heights Hotels . Zhuzhou, China
Staymore Hotels . Jiaxing, China
Statesman Hotels . Xiaogan, China
Stately Hotels . Gaizhou, China
Starlight Hotels . Guangshui, China
Starcraft Hotels . Wuchang, China
Stanley Park Hotels . Laizhou, China
Starbright Hotels . Weinan, China
St. James Hotels . Qingzhou, China
St. Helens Hotels . Laiyang, China
St. George Hotels . Zengcheng, China
St. Francis Hotels . Pingdingshan, China
Springfield Hotels . Huludao, China
Springdale Hotels . Baoding, China
Splendid Hotels . Zhangjiakou, China
Spellbinder Hotels . Guangyuan, China
Spectra Hotels . Xinyi, China
Spark Hotels . Jixi, China
Sovereign Hotels . Yiwu, China
Southbridge Hotels . Yueyang, China
Southampton Hotels . Yulin, China
South Beach Hotels . Yichun, China
Sonora Hotels . Xinhui, China
Sophisticate Hotels . Ruzhou, China
Song Dynasty Hotels . Changde, China
Somerset Hotels . Liling, China
Solaire Hotels . Haimen, China
Solace Sands Hotels . Wuwei, China
Soho Grand Hotels . Feicheng, China
Sofia Hotels . Linhai, China
Society Place Hotels . Taishan, China
Socialite Hotels . Liaocheng, China
Skyline Hotels . Xianyang, China
Skygarden Hotels . Wafangdian, China
Skycastle Hotels . Zhangjiagang, China
Skybridge Hotels . Xinyi, China
Sky Lofts Hotel . Yongzhou, China
Six Star Hotels . Zhangqiu, China
Silver Screen Hotels . Benxi, China
Silver Lady Hotels . Linzhou, China
Silver Dollar Hotels . Yongchuan, China
Silver Cloud Hotels . Qianjiang, China
Silk & Satin Hotels . Liupanshui, China
Signature Hotels . Lianyuan, China
Sierra Hotels . Fuzhou, China
Showcase Hotels . Huazhou, China
Shoreline Hotels . Mudanjiang, China
Sherwood Hotels . Ziyang, China
Sherway Gardens Hotels . Zhongxiang, China
Sherman Hill Hotels . Ezhou, China
Sheridan Square Hotels . Qinzhou, China
Sherbrooke Hotels . Gongzhuling, China
Sheffield Hotels . Beiliu, China
Serita Hotel . Jining, China
Serenity Hotels . Xiangcheng, China
Serenata Hotels . Jiangdu, China
Sentinel Hotels . Zhucheng, China
Select Hotels . Zaoyang, China
Saxony Hotels . Qidong, China
Saville Row Hotels . Hanchuan, China
Sapphire Hotels . Zhuji, China
Santo Domingo Hotels . Changzhou, China
Sandy Hill Hotel . Shouguang, China
Sandcastle Hotels . Guang’an, China
Sanctuary Hotels . Anqiu, China
San Remo Hotels . Zoucheng, China
San Pedro Hotel . Guadalajara, Mexico
Saint James Hotels . Dingzhou, China
Saint Auberge Retreats . Jimo, China
Safari Hotels . Leshan, China
Russell Hill Hotels . Yuzhou, China
Rushmore Hotels . Bijie, China
Rucci Hotels . Wuxian, China
Ruby Hotels . Macheng, China
Royalview Hotels . Huzhou, China
Royal Palace Hotels . Tianshui, China
Royal Oak Hotels . Rizhao, China
Royal Estate Hotels . Chifeng, China
Royal Connaught Hotels . Yushu, China
Roxy Hotel . Leqing, China
Rothchilds Hotels . Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Rosewood Hotels . Wenling, China
Rosemont Hotels . Mianyang, China
Rosedale Hotel . Toronto, Canada
Roosevelt Hotels . Yixing, China
Roman Palms Hotels . Dongtai, China
Rodeo Drive Hotels . Fuqing, China
Roehampton Hotels . Lufeng, China
Rocky Mountain Hotels . Jingzhou, China
Rockwell Hotels . Leiyang, China
Rockefeller Hotels . Xishan, China
Riviera Hotels . Haicheng, China
Riverwalk Hotels . Bazhong, China
Riverfront Hotels . Quanzhou, China
Riverbend Hotels . Lianjiang, China
River House Hotels . Ruian, China
River East Hotels . Cixi, China
Rittenhouse Hotels . Fengcheng, China
Rise Hotels . Gaozhou, China
Rio Grande Hotels . Liuzhou, China
Ridpath Hotels . Yiyang, China
Ridgmount Hotels . Xiaoshan, China
Ridge Grove Hotels . Laiwu, China
Richelieu Hotels . Taixing, China
Rhythm Hotels . Changshu, China
Rhapsody Hotels . Luzhou, China
Revolution Hotels . Xinyang, China
Revizzi Hotels . Yongcheng, China
Retro Hotels . Leizhou, China
Reno Hotel . Kinshasa, Congo
Renaissance Hotels . Shantou, China
Relaxation Resorts . Heze, China
Regine Hotels . Dengzhou, China
Regency Hotel . Xuanwei, China
Regal Hotels . Liuyang, China
Redcliffe Hotel . Jiangyin, China
Red House Hotels . Pingdu, China
Ravenscourt Hotels . Jiangjin, China
Radiance Hotel . Chongqing, China
Quintessential Hotels . Handan, China
Queensland Hotels . Xintai, China
Queensdale Hotels . Zigong, China
Quality Hotels . Suining, China
Qing Dynasty Hotels . Bozhou, China
Pure Hotels . Huainan, China
Puma Hotel . Guiping, China
Promenade Hotels . Rugao, China
Prism Hotels . Tongzhou, China
Principal Hotels . Daqing, China
Princeton Hotel . Yangon, Myanmar
Princess Hotels . Nan’an, China
Prince Shen Hotels . Neijiang, China
Prince Philip Hotel . Bangkok, Thailand
Prince of Wales Hotels . Vancouver, Canada
Prince Lu Hotel . Huhehaote, China
Primrose Hotels . Jianyang, China
Prime Hotels . Guigang, China
Prima Vista Hotels . Wujin, China
Prima Donna Hotels . Hechuan, China
Prestige Hotels . Wuxi, China
Presidential Hotels . Shangqiu, China
Premium Hotels . Fushun, China
Premier Hotel . Hong Kong, China
Preferred Hotels . Xinghua, China
Preeminent Hotels . Xiantao, China
Precious Pearl Hotels . Jinjiang, China
Prasada Hotels . Luoyang, China
Posh Hotels . Taizhou, China
Portofino Hotels . Datong, China
Portobello Hotels . Taian, China
Ponce de Leon Hotels . Cuernavaca, Mexico
PoloClub Resorts . Qiqihaer, China
Plymouth Place Hotels . Tengzhou, China
Pleasure Palace Hotels . Anshan, China
Pinnacle Hotels . Liuan, China
Pink Pelican Hotels . Ningbo, China
Pink Palace Hotels . Nanyang, China
Pineview Hotels . Suizhou, China
Pineridge Hotels . Hefei, China
Pinecrest Hotels . Baotou, China
Piedmont Hotels . Xuzhou, China
Picturesque Hotels . Shunde, China
Phillip V Hotel . Chennai, India
Pharoah Hotel . Alexandria, Egypt
Petroff Hotel . Novosibirsk, Russia
Peking House . Wuhan, China
Pearl Gate Hotels . Tangshan, China
Peachtree Hotels . Fuyang, China
Pavillion Hotels . Yantai, China
Paterno Hotels . Urumqi, China
Passion Hotels . Nanning, China
Parliament Hotels . Nanchong, China
Parkway Manor Hotels . Puning, China
Parkview Hotels . Wenzhou, China
Parkshore Hotels . Linyi, China
Parklawn Hotels . Jilin, China
Parkfields Hotels . Zaozhuang, China
Park Towers Hotels . Lanzhou, China
Park Plaza Hotels . Fuzhou, China
Park Place Hotels . Nanhai, China
Park Lane Hotels . Zhongshan, China
Park Avenue Hotels . Chaoyang, China
Paris 1925 Hotels . Taiyuan, China
Parc Central Hotels . Zhengzhou, China
Paramount Club Hotels . Zibo, China
Paragon Hotels . Guiyang, China
Paradise Hotels . Kunming, China
Panorama Hotels . Ji’nan, China
Pan-Am Hotels . Kano, Nigeria
Panache Hotels . Shijiazhuang, China
Palms Place Hotel . Dalian, China
Palm Springs Hotels . Nanchang, China
Palladium Hotels . Mira-Bhayandar, India
Palisade Hotels . Dehradun, India
Palazzo Vecchio Hotels . Bikaner, India
Palazzo Grassi Hotels . Mangalore, India
Palazzo Grande Hotels . Tiruppur, India
Palazzo Fabio . Amravati, India
Palazzo Bugatti . Bhilai Nagar, India
Palatial Hotels . Jamnagar, India
Pagoda Hotels . Changsha, China
Packard Hotels . Warangal, India
Pacific Western Hotels . Cuttack, India
Pacific Hotels . Jammu, India
Oyster Bay Hotels . Bhiwandi, India
Oxnard Hotels . Gorakhpur, India
Oxford Hotels . Moradabad, India
Osborne Hotels . Bhubaneswar, India
Orient Hotels . Changchun, China
Orchard Point Hotels . Aligarh, India
Orange Blossom Hotels . Kaohsiung, China
Opulent Hotels . Raipur, India
Optimum Hotels . Navi Mumbai, India
Opal Hotels . Kota, India
Onyx Hotels . Bareilly, India
Olympia Hotels . Jalandhar, India
Odyssey Hotels . Salem, India
Odessa Hotels . Mysore, India
Ocean Drive Hotels . Chandigarh, India
Oceanwide Hotels . Hubli-Dharwad, India
Oasis Hotels . Guwahati, India
Oakwood Hotels . Tiruchchirappalli, India
Oaktree Hotels . Taichung, China
Oakside Hotels . Jodhpur, India
Oakley Hotels . Ranchi, India
Novella Hotels . Gwalior, India
Nova Vista Hotels . Harbin, China
Nova Suites Hotel . Qingdao, China
Nova Nexus Hotels . Solapur, India
Nottingham Hotels . Kozhikode, India
Notable Hotels . Thiruvananthapuram, India
Nostalgia Hotels . Durg-Bhilai Nagar, India
North Pier Hotels . Ghaziabad, India
Noble Hotels . Xi’an, China
North Harbor Hotels . Aurangabad, India
Normandy Hotels . Srinagar, India
Nirvana Hotels . Rajkot, India
Nico Hotel . Shenyang, China
Niche Hotels . Pimpri Chinchwad, India
Next Hotels . Haora, India
Newport Hotels . Vijayawada, India
Newell Hotels . Amritsar, India
Newcastle Hotels . Allahabad, India
New World Hotels . Faridabad, India
Nebula Hotels . Dhanbad, India
Nazim Hotel . Asansol, India
National City Hotels . Jamshedpur, India
Museum Hotels . Jabalpur, India
Mulberry Lane Hotels . Hangzhou, China
Mulberry Bush Hotels . Nashik, India
Mosaic Hotels . Kalyan, India
Mount Royal Hotels . Meerut, India
Moonstone Hotel . Pune, India
Moonlit Hotels . Madurai, India
Montgomery West Hotels . Varanasi, India
Montecito Hotels . Thane, India
Montebello Hotels . Agra, India
Monte Cristo Hotels . Visakhapatnam, India
Monte Carlo Hotels . Kochi, India
Mont Royal Hotels . Ludhiana, India
Modern Heritage Hotels . Coimbatore, India
Modern Classic Hotels . Bhopal, India
Modela Hotels . Vadodara, India
ModaVida Hotels . Indore, India
Ming Dynasty Hotels . Zhanjiang, China
Miller Bay Hotels . Patna, India
Millennium Hotels . Nagpur, India
Milano Hotels . Lucknow, India
Midtown Hotels . Jaipur, India
Mid-Continental Hotels . Kanpur, India
Metropolitan Hotels . Surat, India
Merit Hotels . Kolkata, India
Memorable Hotels . Kisumu, Kenya
Medieval Manor Hotels . Mumbai, India
Meadowbrook Hotels . Mombasa, Kenya
Mayflower Hotels . Nakuru, Kenya
Mayfair Hotels . Shimkent, Kazakhstan
Martello Hotels . Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic
Marina Place Hotels . Astana, Kazakhstan
Marina Bay Hotels . Kumasi, Ghana
Maribella Hotels . Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela
Maplewood Hotels . Winnipeg, Canada
Maple Leaf Hotels . Hamilton, Canada
Maple Garden Hotels . Haiphong, Viet Nam
Maple Court Hotels . Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Mansion Suites . Valencia, Venezuela
Manor House Hotels . Maracaibo, Venezuela
Manhattan Place Hotels . Kryviy Rig, Ukraine
Manchu Dragon Hotels . Shenzhen, China
Manchester Hotels . Lviv, Ukraine
Majestic Hotel . Zaporizhya, Ukraine
Maison Phyllis . Québec, Canada
Maison Parc Hotels . Edmonton, Canada
Maison Luxe . Paris, France
Maison de Lumiere . Calgary, Canada
Maison de Lasalle . Oran, Algeria
Maison Belle Étoile . Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Maison Beaucamps . Odessa, Ukraine
Maijing Hotel . Giangzhou, China
Mainline Hotels . Kayseri, Turkey
Maharaja Hotel . Khartoum, Sudan
Magnolia Grove Hotels . Içel, Turkey
Magnifique Hotels . Donetsk, Ukraine
Magnificent Hotels . Diyarbakir, Turkey
Magical Moments Hotels . Antalya, Turkey
Maestro Hotels . Konya, Turkey
Madison Green Hotels . Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Madison Avenue Hotels . Gaziantep, Turkey
Lyric Hotels . Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Luxury Nest Hotels . Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Luxury Inn . Kharkiv, Ukraine
Luxuriant Hotels . Adana, Turkey
Luxor Hotels . Bursa, Turkey
Luxe Hotels . Chon Buri, Thailand
Lusterous Hotels . Nonthaburi, Thailand
Lush Hotels . Taichung, Taiwan
Luminarc Hotels . Al-Rakka, Syria
Lucky Star Hotel . Nanjing, China
Lotus Garden Hotels . Tianjin, China
Los Altos Hotels . Puente Alto, Chile
Lord Simcoe Hotels . Izmir, Turkey
Lord Ascot Hotels . Samut Prakan, Thailand
Longstay Hotels . Deir El-Zor, Syria
London Terrace Hotels . Kaohsiung, Taiwan
L’Oasis Hotels . Lattakia, Syria
Lion’s Gate Hotels . Al-Hasakeh, Syria
Lincoln Square Hotels . Homs, Syria
Limited Edition Hotels . Hama, Syria
Limelight Hotels . Aleppo, Syria
Lime Grove Hotels . Al-Rakka, Syria
Lighthouse Hotels . Malmö, Sweden
Lifestyle Hotels . Göteborg, Sweden
Liberty Hotels . Khartoum North, Sudan
L’Hotel . Omdurman, Sudan
Lexington Hotels . Málaga, Spain
Lempicka Hotels . Cotonou, Benin
Legend Hotel . Ahmedabad, India
Legacy Hotels . Zaragoza, Spain
Lavish Lodge Hotels . Valencia, Spain
Le Château Hotels . Sevilla, Spain
Laurentian Hotels . Cheongju, South Korea
Latitude Hotels . Jeonju, South Korea
LaSalle Hotels . Goyang, South Korea
Landmark Hotels . Bucheon, South Korea
Lancaster Hotels . Seongnam, South Korea
Lalique Hotels . Suwon, South Korea
Lakeview Hotels . Ulsan, South Korea
Lakeside Hotels . Gwangju, South Korea
Lake Shore Hotels . Daejeon, South Korea
Lake Point Hotels . Incheon, South Korea
Lafayette Hotels . Daegu, South Korea
La Grande Maison Hotels . Busan, South Korea
La Casa Hotels . Pretoria, South Africa
L’atelier Hotel . Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Konsan Hotel . Orenburg, Russia
Kudos Hotels . Kemerovo, Russia
Knowlton Hotels . Makhachkala, Russia
Kingston Arms Hotels . Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Kingsbury Hotels . Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Kings Landing Hotels . Novokuznetsk, Russia
Kingdom House . Soweto, South Africa
King Albert Hotels . Durban, South Africa
Kensington Hotel . Tyumen, Russia
Kennedy Hotels . Irkutsk, Russia
Kello Hotel . Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia
Kaleidoscope Hotels . Khabarovsk, Russia
Jewell Hotels . Yaroslave, Russia
Jet-Set Hotels . Vladivostok, Russia
Jefferson Hotels . Izhevsk, Russia
Jasper Hotels . Ulyanovsk, Russia
Ivywood Gardens Hotels . Johannesburg, South Africa
Jade Signature Hotels . Barnaul, Russia
Ivy League Hotels . At-Ta’if, Saudi Arabia
Ivy Lane Hotels . Tolyatti, Russia
Ivory Towers Hotels . Pikine-Guediawaye, Senegal
Ivory House Hotels . Ad-Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Ivory Coast Hotels . Krasnodar, Russia
Instrata Suites . Saratov, Russia
Inspired Hotels . Voronezh, Russia
Insignia Hotels . Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Innova Hotels . Perm, Russia
Infinity Hotels . Volgograd, Russia
Imperial Hotels . Ufa, Russia
Impeccable Hotels . Rostov-na-Donu, Russia
Illustrious Hotels . Chelyabinsk, Russia
Iconic Hotels . Kazan, Russia
Ice Hotels . Omsk, Russia
Hyde Park Hotels . Samara, Russia
Hudson Hotels . Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
House of Lords Hotels . Ekaterinoburg, Russia
HotelRio . Poznan, Poland
HotelLuxe . Wroclaw, Poland
HotelGlam . Kraków, Poland
HotelEden . Lódz, Poland
Hotel Zorro . Istanbul, Turkey
Hotel Verve . Katowice, Poland
Hotel Versailles . Zamboanga, Philippines
Hotel Utopia . Cebu, Philippines
Hotel Tranquility . Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Hotel Tamaka . Davao, Philippines
Hotel Swank . Caloocan, Philippines
Hotel Santana . Quezon City, Philippines
Hotel Rushmore . San Juan, Philippines
Hotel Ruhlmann . Trujillo, Peru
Hotel Roosevelt . Arequipa, Peru
Hotel Romanoff . St Petersburg, Russia
Hotel Rizzo . Callao, Peru
Hotel Ritz-Royale . Quetta, Pakistan
Hotel Reverie . Peshawar, Pakistan
Hotel Rendezvous . Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hotel Rema, Gujranwala, Pakistan
Hotel Remington . Hyderabad, India
Hotel Quintessence . Hyderabad, Pakistan
Hotel Pompidou . Multan, Pakistan
Hotel Picasso . Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Hôtel Particulier . Faisalabad, Pakistan
Hotel Paragon . Lahore, Pakistan
Hotel Panache . Karachi, Pakistan
Hotel Monaco . Ilorin, Nigeria
Hotel Miska . Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Hotel Mirage . Zaria, Nigeria
Hotel Metropolis . Maiduguri, Nigeria
Hotel Magnifique . Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Hotel Leleu . Benin City, Nigeria
Hotel Grandessa . Kaduna, Nigeria
Hotel Grand Rosso . Ibadan, Nigeria
Hotel Glamour . Kano, Nigeria
Hotel Flair . Lagos, Nigeria
Hotel Fanjani . Tehran, Iran
Hotel Extravaganza . Kénitra, Morocco
Hotel Essence . Tétouan, Morocco
Hotel Duesenberg . Meknès, Morocco
Hotel Divine . Salé, Morocco
Hotel Chiparus . Béni-Mellal, Morocco
Hotel California . Safi, Morocco
Hotel Brisco . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hotel Brandt . Marrakech, Morocco
Hotel Bliss . El-Jadida, Morocco
Hotel Bismarck . Casablanca, Morocco
Hotel Barcelona . Reynosa, Mexico
Hotel Azure . Fès, Morocco
Hotel Amour . Cancun, Mexico
Hollywood Hotels . Veracruz, Mexico
Horizon Hotels . Culiacán Rosales, Mexico
Holiday Magic Resorts . Acapulco, Mexico
Hoffman Castle . Berlin, Germany
Historical Hotels . Tampico, Mexico
Hip Haven Hotels . Morelia, Mexico
Himalaya Hotels . Hermosillo, Mexico
Hilltop Hotels . Mexicali, Mexico
Hillside Hotels . Querétaro, Mexico
Hillsborough Hotels . Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Hillcrest Hotels . Saltillo, Mexico
Hightower Hotels . Aguascalientes, Mexico
Highline Hotels . Pizhou, China
Highlands Hotels . Chihuahua, Mexico
Highgrade Hotels . Torreón, Mexico
High Street Hotels . Mérida, Mexico
High Society Hotels . San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Hideaway Hotels . Toluca, Mexico
Hibiscus Hotels . León, Mexico
Hermitage Hotels . Tijuana, Mexico
Heritage Hotels . Juárez, Mexico
Hennessey Hotels . Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico
Heidelberg Hotels . Monterrey, Mexico
Headline Hotels . Guadalajara, Mexico
Havenwood Hotels . Hachioji, Japan
Haute Hotels . Funabashi, Japan
Haussmann Hotels . Kagoshima, Japan
Hatfields Hotels . Sagamihara, Japan
Harmony Hotels . Kumamoto, Japan
Harbour Square Hotels . Benghazi, Libya
Harbour Palace Hotels . Okayama, Japan
Harborview Hotels . Shizuoka, Japan
Hancock Hotels . Niigata, Japan
Hampshire House Hotels . Hamamatsu, Japan
Hammock Lane Hotels . Sakai, Japan
Hamilton Heights Hotels . Chiba, Japan
Hallmark Hotels . Kitakyushu, Japan
Habitat Hotels . Sendai, Japan
Guild Hotels . Hiroshima, Japan
Grove Hotels . Saitama, Japan
Grosvenor Hotels . Kawasaki, Japan
Griffin Court Hotels . Kyoto, Japan
Greystone Hotels . Kobe, Japan
Grenfall Hotel . Chengdu, China
Greenwood Hotels . Yokohama, Japan
Greenwich Club Hotels . Sapporo, Japan
Greenpoint Hotels . Fukuoka, Japan
Grecian Gardens Hotels . Nagoya, Japan
Great Wonders Hotels . Genova, Italy
Great Lakes Hotels . Palermo, Italy
GrandVue Hotels . Shiraz, Iran
Grandmaster Hotels . Torino, Italy
GrandLux Hotels . Karaj, Iran
GrandeVista Hotels . Tabriz, Iran
Grandeur Hotels & Resorts . Esfahan, Iran
Grand Touring Hotels . Mashhad, Iran
Grand Palais Hotels
Grand Ovation Hotels . Batam, Indonesia
Grand Festival Hotels . Samarinda, Indonesia
Grand Duchy Hotels . Bandjarmasin, Indonesia
Grand Dominion Hotels . Pakanbaru, Indonesia
Grand Concourse Hotels . Padang, Indonesia
Grand Avenue Hotels . Malang, Indonesia
Grand Arc Hotels . Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
Grace Hotel . Singapore, Singapore
Gotham City Hotels . Bogor, Indonesia
Goldsmith Hotels . Makasar, Indonesia
Golden Mile Hotels . Palembang, Indonesia
Golden Harvest Hotel . Dongguan, China
Golden Gables Hotels . Napoli, Italy
Gold Star Hotels . Semarang, Indonesia
Gold Platinum Hotels . Tangerang, Indonesia
Gold Coast Hotels . Medan, Indonesia
Godiva Hotels . Surabaya, Indonesia
Gloucester Hotels . Bristol, England
Glitz Hotels . Sheffield, England
Glitterati Hotels . Nottingham, England
Glamour Hotels . Liverpool, England
Gilded Garden Hotels . Tyneside, England
Georgica Hotels . West Yorkshire, England
Gentry Lane Hotels . West Midlands, England
Geneva Exchange Hotels . Preston, England
Genesis Hotels . Manchester, England
Gemstone Hotels . Duisburg, Germany
Gateway Hotels . Bremen, Germany
Garden Square Hotels . Bandung, Indonesia
Garden Court Hotels . Düsseldorf, Germany
Gallery Gardens Hotels . Birmingham, England
Galleria Hotels . Stuttgart, Germany
Galaxy Hotels . Dortmund, Germany
Fulton House Hotels . Münich, Germany
Fukasa Hotel . Surabaya, Indonesia
French Riveria Hotels . Köln, Germany
Fremont Hotels . Hamburg, Germany
Frankl Hotel . Bonn, Germany
Foxtrot Hotels . Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Fountainhead Hotels . Essen, Germany
Fountainbleu Hotels . Marseille, France
Fountain Plaza Hotels . Imbaba, Egypt
Fortress Hotels . Shubra-El-Khema, Egypt
Forestview Hotels . Giza, Egypt
Forest Manor Hotels . Alexandria, Egypt
Forest Glen Hotels . Guayaquil, Ecuador
Forest and Annex Hotels . Kinshasa, Congo D.R.
Fontenelle Hotels . Lubumbashi, Congo D.R.
Flying Tiger Hotels . Cúcuta, Colombia
Florence Palace Hotels . Cartagena, Colombia
Floating World Hotels . Barranquilla, Colombia
Fleetwood Hotels . Medellín, Colombia
Fleur-de-lis Hotels . Cali, Colombia
Flatiron Hotels . Campinas, Brazil
Flamingo Hotels . Guarulhos, Brazil
First Class Hotels . Belem, Brazil
Finest Hotels . Goiania, Brazil
Fifth Avenue Hotels . Porto Alegre, Brazil
Festiva Hotels . Recife, Brazil
Fashionista Hotels . Curitiba, Brazil
Falconbridge Hotels . Manaus, Brazil
Fairweather Hotels . Huaian, China
Fairway Hotel . Douala, Cameroon
Fairview Hotels . Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Fairfax Hotels . Fortaleza, Brazil
Fabrisi Hotel . Milan, Italy
Faberge Hotels . Salvador, Brazil
Extraordinary Hotels . Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Exquisite Hotels . Sao Paulo, Brazil
Exotica Hotels . Cochabamba, Bolivia
Exemplary Hotels . El Alto, Bolivia
Exclusive Hotels . La Paz, Bolivia
Exchange Place Hotels . Khulna, Bangladesh
Excelsior Hotel . Bangalore, India
Excalibur Hotels . Chittagong, Bangladesh
Evolution Hotels . Adelaide, Australia
EvoLux Hotel . Gold Coast-Tweed, Australia
Euphoria Hotels . Perth, Australia
Eternity Hotels . Brisbane, Australia
Estate House Hotels . St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Estate Hotels . Willemstad, Curaçao
Esplanade Hotels . Saint-Denis, Réunion Island
Equinox Hotels . Ngerulmud, Palau
Epic Hotels . Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Ensemble Hotels . Melbourne, Australia
Enigma Hotel . Lagos, Nigeria
Enchante Hotels . Sydney, Australia
Empress Hotels . Lomas de Zamora, Argentina
Emporium Hotels . San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina
Empire State Hotels . La Plata, Argentina
Empire Hotels . Morón, Argentina
Emperor Hotels . Weifang, China
Eminent Hotels . Mendoza, Argentina
Emerald Hotels . Rosario, Argentina
Embassy Row Hotels . La Matanza, Argentina
Elysées Hotels . Mata Utu, Wallis and Futuna Islands
Elmwood Hotels . Stanley, Falkland Islands
Elixir Hotels . Laayoune, Western Sahara
Elite Hotel . Caracas, Venezuela
Elevation Hotels . Córdoba, Argentina
Elegant Hotels . Jaipur, India
El Vernona Hotels . Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
El Royale Hotels . Mariehamn, Åland Islands
El Dorado Hotels . Avarua, Cook Islands
El Camino Hotels . Lomas de Zamora, Argentina
Edison Courts Hotels . Nouméa, New Caledonia
Edinburgh Hotels . Douglas, Isle of Man
Edgewater Hotels . British Indian Ocean Territory
Edge Hotels . St Helier, Jersey
Edelman Hotels . Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island
Eclectic Hotels . Saint Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Eagle Rock Hotels . Hagatna, Guam
Dynasty Hotel . Skopje, North Macedonia
Duplex Suites Hotels . Surabaya, Indonesia
Duplex Suites Hotels . Marigot, St. Martin
Dunhill Hotels . Pago Pago, American Samoa
Duke of York Hotels . Gibraltar, Gibraltar
Duke & Duchess Hotels . Curitiba, Brazil
Driftwood Hotels . San Juan, Puerto Rico
Dreamweaver Hotels . Cockburn Town, Turks and Caicos
Dreamview Hotels . George Town, Cayman Islands
Dreamcatcher Hotels . Fort-de-France, Martinique
Dragon Legend Hotels . Shanghai, China
Dorsett Square Hotels . Hamilton, Bermuda