Our Community Franchise program aims to attract new franchisors and franchisees to emerging domestic markets and help some 300 qualified individuals in each of the nearly 9,000 U.S. Opportunity Zones become entrepreneurs and homeowners through franchising.

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World Franchise is in the business of changing lives. Our purpose is to make the American dreams of business ownership and home ownership a reality.

If I can do it, so can you!

At age 16, in Grade 9, I quit school. At age 25, I was Founder & CEO of the world’s largest direct bookseller (2,500 full time sales reps, 100 US offices, $250M pro-rated, inflation-adjusted dollars) before demand exceeded supply.

Since then, years of research laid groundwork for World Franchise, a tech-enabled, franchise-focused, Delaware Public Benefit Corporation (“B” Corp.) and real estate development organization. Franchising is how our tenants pay the rent.

Our vision is to use franchising to build up local communities using a holistic strategy that identifies several different business types to “fill gaps” in the business district. We have identified over 300 franchises including groceries, healthcare, education, housing and banking, to be located within a new type of tax-advantaged, mixed-use development designed for shopping, dining, living, working, playing and ecommerce fulfillment. Each development will deliver 1,500 high-quality homes built over 300 high-quality franchise workspaces that support over 1,000 franchise jobs.
We look forward to helping your community catalyze economic growth by investing in job creation, franchise development, factory-made affordable buildings, statewide manufacturing programs and vital ecommerce infrastructure.

Ian D. Fitzwilliam
Managing Director


Revitalize Your Community

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