Franchising Is The Most Successful Business Format In History

Our Purpose

World Franchise Organization is in the business of changing lives. Our purpose is to help every aspiring franchisee to better themselves and follow a dream.

Our Vision

A global community of consultants making franchising more accessible and affordable to U.S. private, public and social organizations worldwide

Our Global Mission

To change the world by developing franchising in all sectors of the economy where it does not exist and to promote franchising as a tool for local economic development by multiplying enterprises and creating jobs.

What We Do

Franchise Development

Assist companies in adopting franchising as an expansion strategy

Franchise Matchmaking

Help consumers explore their options for business ownership

Franchise Financing

Help consumers access capital to open their franchise

Who We Serve

World Franchise’s development services are primarily geared toward three markets:

New Franchisors

These clients have already developed a successful prototype and are looking to expand through franchising.

Existing Franchisors

These clients are looking to increase operating efficiency, improve quality, or increase franchise sales effectiveness.


These clients are currently selling through dealers or distributors and seek to increase operational control.

Our Services

We help clients develop unique franchise strategies and strategic franchise business plans. Our recommendations become the foundation of the franchise program and are incorporated into the legal, operations, and marketing documents.

Our independent franchise attorneys fully represent our clients under a client-attorney relationship. They advise clients concerning franchise structure and relationships, state registrations, compliance issues, international expansion and other franchise matters.

We work with clients to achieve sustainable performance gains by designing customized, comprehensive, online operations manuals, support ​manuals, and ​staff ​training programs for ​franchisors and ​ franchisees.

Our teams help clients develop franchise marketing plans, conduct franchise management search, expand franchise networks, and improve system profitability by reducing franchisee recruitment costs and improving the quality of new franchisees coming into a system.

We offer clients a full suite of customized franchise financing solutions to help grow their franchise business. In addition, the program provides access to government guaranteed loans for franchise buyers, along with access to equipment financing.

We present franchising as an alternative career option to consumers who are looking to make a career change. We provide guidance, information, education and support to help them identify and evaluate the best franchise opportunities that match their personal goals, needs and expectations.

We help clients expand to over 130 countries, export franchises, import franchises, and connect with qualified master franchisees. We partner with and incubate global franchise brands, leveraging shared efficiencies between our family of franchises to fuel growth.

1 Million Franchises

1 Million Franchises is an innovative inner-city initiative designed to use franchises to revitalize urban communities, improve neighborhood access to retail and services, and promote sustainable local economic development. The program aims to attract new franchisors and franchisees to emerging domestic markets and help some 125 qualified individuals in each of the nearly 8,800 U.S. Opportunity Zones become entrepreneurs through franchising.

Tuition-Free Franchise Education

We will soon provide a tuition-free franchise education program that, combined with its online delivery, will maximize its accessibility and reach. The World Franchise Development Program is a series of free franchise consulting services including workshops, seminars, one-on-one counseling, placement and assistance with loan packages that are designed to help new franchisees, franchisors and franchise consultants maximize their potential and position them for expansion.

Our Value Proposition

The World Franchise Marketplace will give unmatched exposure to franchises for sale. Seller listings will be shared with our global community of consultants for the broadest distribution possible. Buyers will have the largest pool of franchises to choose from. We will also offer the widest variety of exclusive franchise opportunities not available through any other organization.

Unparalleled Franchise Experience

We partner with leading franchise service providers specializing in each area of franchise development, with over 400 years of combined experience in franchising.

Franchise Capital

The World Franchise Capital Program, partially funded by private equity and guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), covers up to 85% of the cost of developing a franchise.

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About World Franchise

World Franchise Organization Inc. is a Delaware corporation, incorporated on July 18, 2019. We are a tech-enabled, global management consulting and executive search firm that specializes in franchising. Our aim is to establish franchise incubators and attract franchise investment to the nearly 8,800 U.S. Opportunity Zones. World Franchise Capital is our private investment division. It specializes in private equity, venture capital and real estate. World Franchise Capital is focused on leveraged buyout investments across a range of franchise industry sectors and geographic regions.

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