What we do

Community Development

We identify local retail and service gaps in under-resourced communities, and work with over 300 franchises to fill those gaps. Our programs are intended to encourage job growth, property development and redevelopment, community partnerships, and numerous other economic development initiatives.

Neighborhood Consultants

Our objective is to create a grassroots network of neighborhood franchise consultants in over 100 countries and each of the U.S. Opportunity Zones; reach potential franchisees on a sustained basis; and provide prospects with information, training and guidance on evaluating, funding and running a franchised business.

Franchise Education

Our consultants offer free consultation and guidance services to educate women, minority and immigrant entrepreneurs on the wide range of franchising opportunities available to them. Our franchises provide over 300 comprehensive training programs that offer a structured and guided process to enable ownership with lower risk.

Franchise Matchmaking

We help neighborhood-based entrepreneurs identify the best franchise opportunities that match their personal goals, needs and expectations. Our franchise incubator and accelerator programs help aspiring franchise founders launch start-up franchises and grow.

Franchise Funding

We pool franchise funding from a variety of sources to help individuals finance the acquisition of a franchise and a home. We also connect franchisees to federal, state and local government programs, supplier discounts and other incentives for which they may qualify.

Franchise Real Estate

Our Opportunity Villages combine a curated collection of tax-free franchised businesses, restaurants & shops with the beloved “live-above-the-store” model. This complete work-life ecosystem co-locates affordable luxury housing atop affordable commercial space.


Revitalize Your Community

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